Cygnet Turf is located on I-75 in northwest Ohio and our coverage area includes the entire United States. We began harvesting, installing and raising turf in 1990 on a mineral type soil. In 1993 we also began raising turf on a farm which is sand and organic soil. This allows us to produce turf on a variety of soils for almost all uses.

In 1991 we received the TIM 750 patent for the U.S. and Canada. We acquired our patent for the 48 inch installer and developed special adaptations for the harvesters to harvest 2'' thick turf for emergency repairs or immediate play.

 In 1994 we developed the Turf Stripper for taking up large areas such as athletic fields. Cygnet's equipment allows us to strip, harvest, and install athletic fields and large areas rapidly and with the finest turf of the highest quality. Rapid harvesting and installing large rolls of turf is what we do best!

 In addition to the above we sell large roll harvesters 30", 42", and 48" wide. We also sell the TIM 750 (30") installer and a 24" model. .


We grow a mixture of dark colored, aggressive Bluegrass especially for athletic fields.

 This is a dense turf, over eighteen months old and well established. Soil types are from 80% yellow sand to 60% black sand and are organic.

We'll gladly send you a sample.  If you want or need Bermuda for your application, we will get it for you. Or we will go to the farm of your choice with our special equipment and trained personnel to cut turf at any thickness and quality you wish with our exacting standard of excellence.